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Vacancies: We welcome all new players. We have vacancies especially for  2nd/3rd cornet players and a soprano cornet player at present.

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December 2018 Events

Carol Service
Village Christmas
Rattlebone Christmas Party

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Last winter the band decided it would be great to have a day out at the seaside during the summer. This would be a considerably longer excursion than usual and required considerable investigation. But a plan was formed; the Band would go to Exmouth on a coach, and play in the bandstand in Manor Gardens in the afternoon. Now all we needed was sunshine on the day!


The Band secretary had a contact in Exmouth and proceeded to promote our event, 'Music in the Park'. Brass bands local to Exmouth were also contacted, who kindly helped us to promote our event through Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday 25th June arrived - our day out to the seaside. It was a bit gloomy weather-wise, but soon we were all loading our instruments and uniforms onto the bus, and we were off, like excited school kids on day trip!
We made our way down the M5 with drizzly rain, but luckily as we got closer to Exmouth, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek through the clouds. The coach dropped us next to the park where we would be playing in the afternoon, and we wandered off to check out the Bandstand.
It's not a traditional round bandstand, more like a large stage with a roof, and half enclosed at the back with glass panels, set within a beautiful park. We'd found a great venue! It is in fact named 'The Garth Gibson Stage', which, after a little research appears to be named after one of Exmouth's much-missed town criers who died in 2009. He also sang with the Exmouth Shanty Men.

Eager to play on the stage later, the band members dispersed to explore and enjoy what Exmouth has to offer. Some players headed to the beach to paddle in the sea or make sandcastles, others wandered off to find fish and chips, ice-cream or a cheeky pint!


All too soon it was time to return to the coach, unload all our kit, get changed into our uniforms, and set up on stage for our performance. We had a full band, and a great programme lined up. With the weather on our side, we had a good sized audience settling into their deck chairs and stopping by as they walked through the park to listen to a few pieces.


The band played well, the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves, and during the interval we found that a couple of people had left us very nice comments on our social media pages. All was going well.


Back on the bandstand, after the interval, we discovered we had a bit of competition. We could hear a very loud rock band playing, which we assumed were playing in a nearby pub. Not to worry, we could play louder and better than them! And drown them out we did!



As ever, the rest of the performance flew by, and before long it was time to pack up, and head back home.
What a great day! We had a blast! (Well, we had to drown out that rock band!)
The Band would like to thank the people of Exmouth who helped us to promote our event and to all the people who came to listen to us and gave us such positive comments. Thank you!
If you missed seeing us in Exmouth, we have a few pieces recorded on the day on our YouTube channel (the link to our YouTube channel is at the bottom right of this page). Enjoy!

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20th Anniversary Concert


The Band would like to thank everyone who came along to our 20th anniversary concert at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on October 22nd 2016. We hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did!

It felt like the Band had been building up to the concert all year, and whenever time permitted preparations were being made. However, with all our other engagements over the summer and our fabulous training day with Philip Harper, the time just flew by and suddenly we had a week to go!

The Band committee and others got super busy with all the final arrangements.

The evening was quickly upon us, and the band arrived early to decorate the hall, blow up balloons, sort out the raffle and set up the stage. It came almost as a relief to finally sit down and do what we do best - play some music!

As ever the band's repertoire was varied in style and era; Marches, Jazz, Pop, Big Band and traditional Brass Band pieces. The Band also tried to pick a few pieces that have been played over the years since it was first started 20 years ago. Thanks have to go to our Musical Director, Peter Cornford, for choosing such a varied and entertaining programme of music.


Many items focused on solos from several band members, who played fantastically, so a huge congratulations to them all for outstanding solo performances.tromb-trio

The Band decided to donate all money from the concert to Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal. The Grand Appeal is a well-known charity here in the South West, that has helped to transform the lives of sick babies and children at Bristol Children's Hospital and the Special Care Baby Unit, providing life-saving equipment, patient activities, new services and family accommodation.

It felt appropriate that all funds raised would specifically go to the Music Therapy Service. The Grand Appeal funds three music therapists at Bristol Children's Hospital, who visit patients on every ward with a trolley full of instruments. Bedside activities range from song writing and sound effects to rhythmic drumming and ukulele lessons, and the team also runs sessions for groups and families. Children experience lots of difficult feelings while they are in hospital, particularly during a long stay. Music therapy is a fun and creative way to help children express themselves, as well as providing a distraction from the stresses of treatment, and is proven to aid recovery.

The band has a few people to thank firstly, the family and friends of the band members who helped out on the night, helped to blow up balloons, decorate the hall, take tickets on the door and run the raffle - we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you.

But our biggest thanks go to all of you who support us, and came to our concert, and gave generously. You raised a massive 512 pounds and 3 pence (every penny counts!) for The Grand Appeal Music Therapy Services. Thank you so much for your support, you are as ever amazing and generous. Thank you.



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2016 : A Special Year!


We've been around for 20 years, 2016 is our 20th Anniversary!

Dodington Parish Band was formed in 1996 by Ron Hodey, a Dodington parish councillor, and Kevin Robbins, who owned a music shop in Chipping Sodbury. The purpose was to benefit the local community and develop musical opportunities within the area. From the beginning the initiative had strong support from Dodington Parish Council including providing premises for a practice room and storage. There was a wide range of players of differing ages and abilities.

20 years on, and Dodington Parish Council still give us their wholehearted support. The band currently has 32 members, and still have members of all age ranges,  up to 75 years old!

The band has had a busy year so far, performing at local events such as the Chipping Sodbury Festival, and various bandstands around the area, including Stroud, Chippenham and Keynsham, and several concerts, at various locations throughout the year.

The band are now building up to a celebratory 20th anniversary concert on October 22nd.

The band also felt that they deserved a birthday treat, so arranged a training day with Philip Harper. Philip Harper is the MD of The Cory Band. The Cory Band just happens to be the best brass band in the world, currently holding all the titles that matter within the Brass Band world!


And what a great day! The perfect birthday treat! The band had an amazing day. Philip Harper shared all his tips of success, how to sound better and how to perform better together. He was amazing and offered so much help and insight. He worked with the band on several pieces of music, which will be performed at the anniversary concert.

The Band has several more rehearsals to fine tune all that was learnt from the training day with Philip Harper to hopefully stage their best concert ever!

We'd love to see you there, and all proceeds will be donated to The Grand Appeal.

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2014-15 : a Busy Band!

Well, it seems some time has passed since we posted any 'News'. It's not that we haven't had anything to update, more that we haven't got around to keeping things up to date! So here we go, with more of a 'round-up' of the last year, rather than ground-breaking news!
As ever, we have been very busy both rehearsing every week and performing at both public and private events.

Probably our biggest event of 2014 was our November concert at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, themed "Wartime Classics". It was inevitable that we would commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, particularly in 2014, which coincided with 75 years since the start of the Second World War. It gave us a great opportunity to extend our repertoire, just as all of our "themed" concerts do. The concert was held on 8th November, and all proceeds went to the Royal British Legion. We are really proud of how well attended and received our concert was, and particularly pleased that we were able to donate 596 pounds to the British Legion. It was definitely one of our best concerts to date.


Christmas 2014 was once again very busy, with something like 14 engagements over 18 days! We know how much the public enjoy hearing a Brass Band at Christmas and that keeps us motivated, even when we're cold and rained upon! So many of you kindly come up and give us positive comments and ask for requests (which we love!), and also donate funds to keep the band going from strength to strength. Thank you!

This year we have collaborated with some other musical groups. In April, we joined the U3A Ukelele Band and Pupils from Colston's School at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, where together we raised over 1000 pounds for Cancer Research UK. And just last week we joined with The Cleeve Singers of Downend, for a concert in Yate.

We have also been hunting down new venues to hold concerts. Traditionally most of our concerts have taken place in Dodington Parish Hall, where we rehearse weekly. But it is becoming too small, for our ever increasing audience! So it's been great to go to new venues, and share our music with new audiences. In Spring 2014, we put on a "Showtime" concert at St John's Church, Slimbridge, (raising 143 pounds for the Church Fund) and this spring was a "Time and Space" concert at Winterbourne Community Centre.


The greatest thing is just how much the local people get behind these events. Not only buying tickets and coming to listen to our music, but also helping us out with organising the events, promoting the events, selling tickets on our behalf and recommending our concerts to their friends and family. We love playing, and the fact that so many people help us to do that is simply fantastic. Thank you again!


And now the summer season is upon us, you can see us at various bandstands and parks over the summer. The links to our forthcoming events can be found on the right-hand side of the website. We'd love to see you at any or all of those events. Let's just hope for sunshine, because we love nothing better than playing to a big audience and making you smile and tap your feet! And all those bandstand events are FREE for you to attend.

As ever, we wouldn't be able to perform without the ongoing support from the public, Dodington Parish Council and South Gloucestershire Council. But we are also incredibly proud that because of your support we are also able to help support other very worthwhile charities. 

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