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Vacancies: We welcome all new players. We have vacancies especially for  2nd/3rd cornet players and a soprano cornet player at present.

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December 2019 Events

Rangeworthy Christmas songs and carols
Christmas at the Rattlebone
Carols at Tesco

2019: 2 new ventures!

Indoor Music Games:


Take a collection of several brass bands, two big bands and some small ensembles, all entertaining in a large sports hall at Filton College, Bristol, and you have the Indoor Music Games!

This was a new format for the band, who enjoyed performing a selection of our favourite pieces.

IMG_2nd300We won a Silver medal!

We were then treated to a fascinating show of choreographed marching and movement from Cadence Performing Arts, admirably using the whole floor area. We felt remaining seated was safer for our band!


South Glos Show:

Our inaugural attendance at this event on the first Saturday in August was welcomed by warmth and sunshine. The Show is very busy with lots of stalls and events. A buggy was needed to transport our kit to the dainty temporary bandstand provided by the organisers. The players did somewhat overspill the bandstand but nevertheless enjoyed playing 4 sets of a very varied programme including pop, swing, musicals, and film music as well as traditional marches!


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