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Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Last winter the band decided it would be great to have a day out at the seaside during the summer. This would be a considerably longer excursion than usual and required considerable investigation. But a plan was formed; the Band would go to Exmouth on a coach, and play in the bandstand in Manor Gardens in the afternoon. Now all we needed was sunshine on the day!


The Band secretary had a contact in Exmouth and proceeded to promote our event, 'Music in the Park'. Brass bands local to Exmouth were also contacted, who kindly helped us to promote our event through Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday 25th June arrived - our day out to the seaside. It was a bit gloomy weather-wise, but soon we were all loading our instruments and uniforms onto the bus, and we were off, like excited school kids on day trip!
We made our way down the M5 with drizzly rain, but luckily as we got closer to Exmouth, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek through the clouds. The coach dropped us next to the park where we would be playing in the afternoon, and we wandered off to check out the Bandstand.
It's not a traditional round bandstand, more like a large stage with a roof, and half enclosed at the back with glass panels, set within a beautiful park. We'd found a great venue! It is in fact named 'The Garth Gibson Stage', which, after a little research appears to be named after one of Exmouth's much-missed town criers who died in 2009. He also sang with the Exmouth Shanty Men.

Eager to play on the stage later, the band members dispersed to explore and enjoy what Exmouth has to offer. Some players headed to the beach to paddle in the sea or make sandcastles, others wandered off to find fish and chips, ice-cream or a cheeky pint!


All too soon it was time to return to the coach, unload all our kit, get changed into our uniforms, and set up on stage for our performance. We had a full band, and a great programme lined up. With the weather on our side, we had a good sized audience settling into their deck chairs and stopping by as they walked through the park to listen to a few pieces.


The band played well, the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves, and during the interval we found that a couple of people had left us very nice comments on our social media pages. All was going well.


Back on the bandstand, after the interval, we discovered we had a bit of competition. We could hear a very loud rock band playing, which we assumed were playing in a nearby pub. Not to worry, we could play louder and better than them! And drown them out we did!



As ever, the rest of the performance flew by, and before long it was time to pack up, and head back home.
What a great day! We had a blast! (Well, we had to drown out that rock band!)
The Band would like to thank the people of Exmouth who helped us to promote our event and to all the people who came to listen to us and gave us such positive comments. Thank you!
If you missed seeing us in Exmouth, we have a few pieces recorded on the day on our YouTube channel (the link to our YouTube channel is at the bottom right of this page). Enjoy!

Added by Jenny August 9, 2017 (3:22PM)

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