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Just to say that the Band is not reheasing or performing at present. We are missing meeting up and also missing all our great supporters. The band hopes to resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Vacancies: We welcome all new players. We have vacancies especially for  2nd/3rd cornet players and a soprano cornet player at present.

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January 2021 Events

2016 : A Special Year!


We've been around for 20 years, 2016 is our 20th Anniversary!

Dodington Parish Band was formed in 1996 by Ron Hodey, a Dodington parish councillor, and Kevin Robbins, who owned a music shop in Chipping Sodbury. The purpose was to benefit the local community and develop musical opportunities within the area. From the beginning the initiative had strong support from Dodington Parish Council including providing premises for a practice room and storage. There was a wide range of players of differing ages and abilities.

20 years on, and Dodington Parish Council still give us their wholehearted support. The band currently has 32 members, and still have members of all age ranges,  up to 75 years old!

The band has had a busy year so far, performing at local events such as the Chipping Sodbury Festival, and various bandstands around the area, including Stroud, Chippenham and Keynsham, and several concerts, at various locations throughout the year.

The band are now building up to a celebratory 20th anniversary concert on October 22nd.

The band also felt that they deserved a birthday treat, so arranged a training day with Philip Harper. Philip Harper is the MD of The Cory Band. The Cory Band just happens to be the best brass band in the world, currently holding all the titles that matter within the Brass Band world!


And what a great day! The perfect birthday treat! The band had an amazing day. Philip Harper shared all his tips of success, how to sound better and how to perform better together. He was amazing and offered so much help and insight. He worked with the band on several pieces of music, which will be performed at the anniversary concert.

The Band has several more rehearsals to fine tune all that was learnt from the training day with Philip Harper to hopefully stage their best concert ever!

We'd love to see you there, and all proceeds will be donated to The Grand Appeal.

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2014-15 : a Busy Band!

Well, it seems some time has passed since we posted any 'News'. It's not that we haven't had anything to update, more that we haven't got around to keeping things up to date! So here we go, with more of a 'round-up' of the last year, rather than ground-breaking news!
As ever, we have been very busy both rehearsing every week and performing at both public and private events.

Probably our biggest event of 2014 was our November concert at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, themed "Wartime Classics". It was inevitable that we would commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, particularly in 2014, which coincided with 75 years since the start of the Second World War. It gave us a great opportunity to extend our repertoire, just as all of our "themed" concerts do. The concert was held on 8th November, and all proceeds went to the Royal British Legion. We are really proud of how well attended and received our concert was, and particularly pleased that we were able to donate 596 pounds to the British Legion. It was definitely one of our best concerts to date.


Christmas 2014 was once again very busy, with something like 14 engagements over 18 days! We know how much the public enjoy hearing a Brass Band at Christmas and that keeps us motivated, even when we're cold and rained upon! So many of you kindly come up and give us positive comments and ask for requests (which we love!), and also donate funds to keep the band going from strength to strength. Thank you!

This year we have collaborated with some other musical groups. In April, we joined the U3A Ukelele Band and Pupils from Colston's School at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, where together we raised over 1000 pounds for Cancer Research UK. And just last week we joined with The Cleeve Singers of Downend, for a concert in Yate.

We have also been hunting down new venues to hold concerts. Traditionally most of our concerts have taken place in Dodington Parish Hall, where we rehearse weekly. But it is becoming too small, for our ever increasing audience! So it's been great to go to new venues, and share our music with new audiences. In Spring 2014, we put on a "Showtime" concert at St John's Church, Slimbridge, (raising 143 pounds for the Church Fund) and this spring was a "Time and Space" concert at Winterbourne Community Centre.


The greatest thing is just how much the local people get behind these events. Not only buying tickets and coming to listen to our music, but also helping us out with organising the events, promoting the events, selling tickets on our behalf and recommending our concerts to their friends and family. We love playing, and the fact that so many people help us to do that is simply fantastic. Thank you again!


And now the summer season is upon us, you can see us at various bandstands and parks over the summer. The links to our forthcoming events can be found on the right-hand side of the website. We'd love to see you at any or all of those events. Let's just hope for sunshine, because we love nothing better than playing to a big audience and making you smile and tap your feet! And all those bandstand events are FREE for you to attend.

As ever, we wouldn't be able to perform without the ongoing support from the public, Dodington Parish Council and South Gloucestershire Council. But we are also incredibly proud that because of your support we are also able to help support other very worthwhile charities. 

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Public Donations Support the Band and Local Charities


Every December the band are very busy playing Christmas music and carols to the public at various events and locations. We are so grateful for all the support we get during this time. It's lovely to have so many people come up and tell us how much they enjoy hearing a brass band playing all their favourite Christmas carols. It's great to get the public support and encouragement and we are always happy to speak with people and try to fulfill any musical requests while we are out and about at Christmas time.

All donations made during the festive time are so important to keep the band running over the coming year. However, thanks to local public  generosity we were able to support the band costs and also give donations of 200 pounds each to two local charities: The Teenage Cancer Trust (South West) and Frenchay After Burns Club, cheque presentation below.

We thank each and everyone of you who put money in our collecting tins over the Christmas period, not only for helping the band to continue and provide ongoing enjoyment and entertainment, but also to enable us to support local charities.


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Christmas Charity Concert in aid of Hosanna Primary School, Uganda


The Band's inaugural Christmas concert was held on 15th December at Dodington Parish Hall. The Band's performance included Gaudete, Felix Navidad and Peter's arrangement The Boar's Head Supper, amongst traditional pieces and carols, with plenty of audience participation!

All proceeds were donated to the Hosanna Primary School in Kisenyi Uganda. This will pay for school fees allowing a child to have secondary education. Read about the school on their Support Group's website here.


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